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Detoxy+ is a nutritional supplement that helps cleanse your digestive and elimination organs of wastes and toxins in a gentle, yet effective way—without any of the drawbacks of typical laxatives or fiber supplements.

Detoxy+ is created by adding an oxygen molecule to magnesium—through the non-toxic process called ozonation—forming a compound called magnesium oxide. When you take the capsule, it dissolves and releases monatomic, or nascent, oxygen over a six to twelve hour period or more, throughout the entire digestive system.

The magnesium acts as a transporter of the oxygen throughout the entire body and has the gentle effect of loosening toxins and acidic waste in your colon, helping transport them out of the body via elimination. Oxygen, delivered in this way, supports the growth of friendly bacteria, which is essential for proper digestive and intestinal health.

Detoxy+ is safe for regular use and is non habit-forming. It can be helpful for anyone looking to increase their elimination and regularity, increase detoxification, reduce bloating or gas, and just feel lighter and healthier overall.

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      • There are some important distinctions when it comes to Detoxy+:

        WHAT IT IS:

        A safe, mild, magnesium-oxygen compound for cleansing
        Works by helping bring more oxygen to your colon and overall body
        It's a gentle aid, that can assist elimination without side affects.

        Vegan,Gluten Free

        90 capsules

        WHAT IT'S NOT:

        Not a harsh laxative
        Not an irritant
        Not habit-forming
        Not a magnesium supplement
        Not for extreme conditions
        While there may be other magnesium-oxygen supplements out there, Detoxy+ is a well-formulate, high-quality source that I personally use, believe in and feel comfortable recommending.

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        How do I know if I'm taking the right amount?

        Listen to your body. The product is designed to increase elimination, but not in a uncomfortable way. Take more if you're not experiencing the increased elimination—however, take less if you find the experience to be uncomfortable in any way. If you experience diarrhea, take less.

        Is this product a laxative or habit forming?

        This product is not habit-forming the way laxatives are, so you can incorporate them periodically or more regularly into your long-term health program.

        Is it okay to take them daily?

        It depends on your body. Some individuals choose to take 1-2 capsules daily for general maintenance, whereas others take more capsules during periods of cleansing, but not daily.




        How does it work?

        By releasing small amounts of oxygen into your colon, acidic waste is broken up and your stool is softened. This causes a cleansing action, helping the waste be eliminated more naturally, without pain, discomfort or struggle.

        Can it help my skin?

        Because many skin issues are affected by colon health, it's possible. Having old, waste stuck in your colon can lead to skin dryness for some, or for others, excess oil and acne. In general, anything you do to truly improve your digestion and elimination will create positive changes in the quality of your skin.

        Are there any side effects?

        No "side effects" so to speak, however, there are some potential reactions to be aware of. First, the more you take, the more likely you are to experience loose stools or even diarrhea-like symptoms. However, this can be minimized by just taking less. In some cases, depending on the health of your colon, there be some initial discomfort or cramping due to gas build up before elimination. This is rare, especially if you start slowly, and typically passes in a day or so.

        If you have more significant constipation or more severe Candida or digestive distress, there may be more initial discomfort until the waste is eliminated and your system is brought into balance. If you experience any cleansing reaction that makes you too uncomfortable, reduce the amount you take. Or if necessary, stop taking the product and consult a medical professional.

        How will I know that my digestive system is clean?

        We live in a world where we're exposed to smog, airborne pollutants, toxins in our water supply, EMF's from phones and an endless list of other toxins. And because of that, cleansing is an ongoing processes that needs to be supported on a continual basis. That doesn't mean you need to "cleanse" or take this product every day, or even every month, however we recommend having it on hand and making it a regular part of your wellness program—so that you keep toxic build up at bay, and maintain your best possible health.


        Elemental Magnesium 1,035 mg

        (From 1,848 mg of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides)
        Elemental Potassium 
(From 261 mg of Potassium Citrate)

        Other ingredients: Rice Flour, Citric Acid, Vegetable Cellulose (capsule).

      • My journey with the Beauty Detox lifestyle began about 10 months ago.  I had been having chronic issues with sluggish digestion and was in the market for (yet another) probiotic.  When I discovered Detoxy+ after finding Kimberly’s website, I was at first hesitant because it was not a “name brand”.  However, I trusted Kimberly and gave it a try.  Now I am never without it!  It has made such a difference in my digestion, elimination, and even my sleep.  I have experimented with dosage and even with taking 3-5 capsules the effect is so gentle.  No tummy upset.  I also love that it is non-habit forming.  It does not feel like a laxative or even a “natural herbal formula”.  It feels like it’s enhancing and supporting my body’s digestive system.  A few months later I began taking Kimberly's probiotics as well.  These two supplements are without a doubt essentials in my life and I consider them two of my beauty secrets.  The last piece of the puzzle was adding the Glowing Green Smoothie to my daily routine (everyday since I received my Vitamix for Christmas!)  I rarely (if ever) even have hormonal breakouts anymore!  If you would like improvement in digestion, sleep, and your skin, I can say with confidence that I recommend these products.  Thank you Kimberly!

        Sarah Esra

        I am a sufferer of a GI issue called Gastroparesis. My stomach empties and digests food very slowly; much slower than the average stomach. Because of this I never went to the bathroom and I was always very bloated and in a lot of pain. Detoxy+ honestly saved my life. It was the only thing that helped my stomach and helped me go the bathroom everyday! It didn't dehydrate me and I never felt uncomfortable using it. I'm on a doctor prescribed medication now which doesn't always work so when I'm having a flare up I take my Detoxy+ and it never fails to help me out. I would recommend this to anyone having trouble with bloating or constipation, along with other advice that I've learned from Kim like the hot lemon water. I am so unbelievably thankful for Kimberly and this product. 5 Stars, two thumbs up, 100% satisfaction.

        Tessa Hensley

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