FREE Gift: 7-Day Meditation Series (DIGITAL COURSE)

I’m so thrilled for you to begin your meditations with me, and I’m confident you’ll find them both relaxing and inspiring. I created these 7 meditations just for you and they are always available to you as a tool for your own success.

Your FREE gift includes:

7 meditations led by Kimberly on the topics of Stress, Health, Love, Beauty, Abundance, Focus and Power. The meditations will be sent to you via email in a .mp3 format so you can download and listen to them anytime you would like.

Here are the included Meditations:

  • Stress and Relaxation
  • Feel Fully Alive, Youthful and Healthy
  • Attract More Love Now
  • Awaken the Beauty Within You
  • Effortless Abundance in All Ways
  • Focus on the Life You Want
  • Realize Your True Power

More on your meditations....

1. Introduction and Stress Meditation: As you’ll soon hear, I begin with an overview of how the program works and how these brief but powerful meditations can be wonderfully transformative for you.For instance, this first meditation in our series will help you “scan” your body forhidden sources of stress and tension — and then use your breath to melt the tension away.

2. Health Meditation: This guided meditation gives you insight into the incredible effect your mind can have on your body and health. Your mind can be a source of healing — or stress, tension and aging — depending on how you think.

3. Love Meditation: This one is especially near and dear to my heart, because love is so critical to our health and happiness as human beings — yet fully opening to love is such a mystery to many of us! As you’ll learn and experience with this meditation, your ability to experience and attract love in your life is directly related to your ability to feel love inside.
Yes, it’s true. We can feel unlimited love, but love on the outside begins with loving ourselves on the inside. This meditation will help you bring that feeling of love to your life, every single day and attract more loving relationships into your life.

4. Beauty Meditation: I’m especially excited about this one because, as you know, so many of the approaches and thinking around beauty focus on external things — products, treatments and more. This meditation will help you realize that a big part of the beauty that you feel and that manifests on your face and body, comes from within. In other words, beauty is a state of being — and something you can feel and amplify — beginning with this meditation.

5. Abundance Meditation: Few realize that whether we talk about health, wealth, love or anything else we humans so often seek — our experience is very related to the level of abundance we think and feel. In other words, when you feel like you have an abundance of love within you…you tend to attract even more love into your life. Similarly, when you feel a sense of “lack” you’ll find that scarcity shows up in your life as well. This meditation will show you that abundance, in any form, can be experienced by going within and tapping into the infinite energy that is overflowing inside you at all times.

6. Focus Meditation: I often tell the story that when Steve Jobs passed away, everyone at his funeral was given a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi, which was also the only book on his iPad. As a devotee of Yogananda, he learned meditation and developed laser-like focus that helped him build one of the most valuable and world-changing companies in history. No, he was not perfect, but I use this example to illustrate the tremendous value that focus can bring to our lives in creating anything we want. Whatever you focus on intensely, you can make a reality, and meditation is the single best way to strengthen your mind’s capacity for this.

7. Power Meditation: The truth is that authentic power is absolutely vital to our lives, on every level. True power comes from within, not from the ego or grasping for things on the outside. True power is your ability to tap into your unlimited ability to create what you want.


*This product is a digital download. You will not receive anything in the mail. You will receive the files via email from within a few minutes after purchase.

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