Aroma Stone Foot Sauna (link opens in new page)

This Aroma Stone Foot Sauna is my latest obsession. You all know what a big fan I am of the Infrared Half Sauna — and this foot sauna is just as amazing. It is compact, portable, and contains a bed of tourmaline stones for warming your feet.

Why is it so important to warm/care for/stimulate your feet? Because your feet house literally hundreds of energy points, called Meridians in Eastern traditions that connect to your liver, kidneys and all other organs to help foster vitality and health. By stimulating the energy points in your feet, you can help increase circulation, blood nourishment to all your vital organs, including your detoxifying ones, which I believe is another tool you can enact to increase energy and combat aging. 

This unit doubles as both a sauna and an aromatic diffuser. The Aroma Stone’s floor is marked with divots that allow you to add your choice of essential oils. One of Health Mate’s patented low-EMF heaters warms your feet and treats you to a relaxing, aromatherapeutic session.

Offers targeted relief and comfort in a space-saving way, and it's perfect for home or office use.



14″ W x 14” D x 8.5″ H

Electrical Specifications:
120 Volt / 60 Watt / 0.5 Amp


  • No Assembly Required
  • 1 Patented Low-EMF Heater
  • Tourmaline Stones for Aromatherapy Support
  • Hinged Top for Cleaning
  • Custom Heat Settings
  • Portable & Versatile Design
  • Perfect for Home or Office
  • Minimal Electrical Cost
  • Responsibly Certified Canadian Western Red Cedar


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